Having a comprehensive insurance on your car isn’t just about getting your car repaired if it accidentally gets damaged. Although it is a major benefit, it is not the only benefit.

Remember, loss or physical damage to your car could be a result of a lone accident (you accidentally slam your car against the kerb), theft of the car, damage to the car during an attempted theft, fire damage from internal or external source, damage in the course of action directed at your person (malicious damage), or even as a result of acts of vandalism.

Let’s take you through those benefits of your comprehensive motor insurance that may not jump at you right in the face whenever you open that policy document.

Third-party cover benefits

Your comprehensive motor insurance includes the third-party cover against your liabilities towards other persons and their properties. The policy will indemnify you in respect of claims made against you resulting from your use of your car. Losses covered include damage to other people’s properties, injuries accidentally inflicted on other persons and death of other persons.

Medical expenses

Your comprehensive motor insurance provides for a certain amount to cover emergency medical expenses in the event of an accident. This amount is available to occupants of the car that sustain injuries necessitating medical care during the accident.

Towing and protection charges

The engineering of insurance understands that an accident could render your car immobile. You, then, would have to devise means of getting it away from the spot of the incident to your mechanic or to a safe location. Your policy provides for a certain maximum limit of expenses you can incur on this.

Replacement vehicle

Some comprehensive motor insurance policies provide a replacement car of the class and comfort of your car in case of an insured incident that renders your car unusable pending resolution of the claim. This benefit is available on certain premium motor policies and you may need to talk to your broker if you desire such policies.