Benefits We Bring

Our services are available FREE OF CHARGE to all clients. Despite this, they enjoy immense benefits from the services of our experienced professionals and deep-rooted relationships in the insurance industry including the following:


  • Total assessment of clients’ risk exposures and the recommendation and implementation of the best measures including the placement of these risks with the best insurance companies at the most cost-effective rates,
  • Management of claims with the least possible inconvenience to their business to achieve record time settlement,
  • Personal touch in all dealings in respect of our relationship,
  • Package tailor-made policies suitable for their peculiar need.
  • Provision of quick and timely customer service.

Claims Management Strategy

We understand the precarious financial situation individuals and businesses face when losses (especially of huge magnitude) occur. The need for the insurance to quickly and timely restore insured victims back to financial health cannot be over emphasized. Over the years, we have developed the culture of always being early responders to our clients’ loss notifications. We always encourage them to take prompt action in notifying us of any occurrence that could lead to a claim. Furthermore;


  • We ensure that insurance underwriters are promptly notified of clients’ claims. Our relationship with our underwriting partners is so deep that we have never experienced a claim that was rejected based on breach of notification warranty.
  • We assist in the deployment of loss minimizing measures through our 24-hour advisory and feedback channels.
  • We assist our clients in ensuring that all the required documents needed for substantiating their claims are made available.
  • Our experienced and professional technical staff closely monitor underwriters’ responses to filed claims to ensure strict adherence to ethics and that investigations commence without needless delay.
  • We also follow up with underwriters to ensure that offers for settlement are processed without delay, and that offers made are fair and commensurate with the extent of loss suffered by our clients.
  • Above all, we make sure that the underwriters pay the claims within reasonable time to the satisfaction of our clients.