Our Services
Libra Insurance Brokers provides professional financial and advisory services including:
Risk Evaluation and Advisory

Our team of professionals conduct risk identification programmes on individuals or entire organisations. Identified risks are evaluated to determine the extent and to quantify the exposures. The outcome of these exercises guide the recommendation made on measures that can be taken to accommodate, mitigate, control or transfer these risks. The end-aim of this is to help the client be in constant state of preparedness in the event of the crystallisation of the risks.

Portfolio Audit, Review and Management

As professionals, we evaluate the client’s assets, liabilities, commitments and operations with the aim of ascertaining the adequacy of coverage provided by existing insurance policies and other risk management measures that are in place. We compare what is on ground with what is obtainable in the industry. In situations where the cover on hand is inadequate, we help clients obtain the insurance cover at the most competitive rates. This helps clients achieve reduction in insurance costs while also guaranteeing a well-rounded protection. Our expertise in managing the insurance portfolio of clients to avoid lapses in cover helps them pay the desired focus on their core operations without having to worry unduly about their risks.

Policy Design and Intermediary Services

Our risk evaluation activities would identify clients’ risk exposures some of which could be peculiar. In these cases, we apply our knowledge of the client’s operations and commitments to design tailor-made policies that will provide the adequate cover. This we do in cooperation with the best insurance providers in the industry with strong commitments to quality service delivery and prompt claims payment.

Claims Management

The ultimate promise of the insurance mechanism is the restoration to the financial state prior to a loss. We bank on the fact that we have helped clients secure the widest coverage for their risks and assume the burden of processing their claims. Due to the fact that we place our clients’ interests with the best underwriters, we are able to secure the settlement of claims in record time without undue hassles on them.